Emseal DSM-FP

Manufacturer: Emseal
Product Type: Split Slab

Short Description

Watertight plaza deck joint system with precompressed foam sealing insert

Quantity Needed

A plaza-deck to solid-slab or wall expansion joint, DSM-FP is watertight and purpose designed for use in plaza decks particularly where a split-slab meets a solid slab or wall.

DSM-FP extends the use of the DSM System to waterproofed split-slab deck designs through combination with our FP (for plaza) mounting rails and side flashing sheets that integrate with the deck waterproofing membrane and contain the wearing course.

The material that bridges and seals between the FP mounting rails is EMSEAL’s DSM System which is a silicone-and-impregnated-foam hybrid sealant that ensures watertightness, absorbs sound, dampens vibration and offers uncomplicated installation.

In contrast to buried joint systems, EMSEAL’s FP Systems prevent the buckling of pavers or other hardscaped wear course materials and will not suffer flex-fatigue failure at the waterproofing membrane tie-in.