Emseal BG System

Manufacturer: Emseal
Product Type: Below Grade

Short Description

Watertight below-grade foundation and tunnel expansion joint system

Quantity Needed

A below-grade expansion joint system, BG System can be installed from the positive-side onto free-standing foundation and tunnel walls, or on the blind-side of tunnel or floor slabs formed by single-side forming and casting against mud-slabs and lagging.

BG System features heavy-duty, extruded, double-celled, UV-stable thermoplastic rubber glands flanked by dual-level membrane-integration flanges.

The system consists of a Thermoplastic (heat-weldable) BG sealing insert and dual-level side flashing flanges that are sandwiched and welded or adhered into layers of the below-grade waterproofing membrane. The assembly is secured by both welding or adhering to the waterproofing membrane and with mechanically-fastened termination bars.

The BG System is combined in the field with the waterproofing membrane using accessories offered by the waterproofing membrane manufacturer. It is heat-weldable, uniquely ensuring continuity of seal through factory-welded transitions and terminations.