Emseal Colorseal/Seismic Colorseal

Manufacturer: Emseal
Product Type: Exterior Wall

Short Description

Watertight primary seal in wall expansion joints

Quantity Needed

A wall expansion joint, Seismic Colorseal (Colorseal*) is a silicone-coated, precompressed primary seal for high-movement wall joints. Seismic Colorseal ensures watertightness in vertical-plane structural, seismic, and abutment joints in virtually any substrate.

Continuity of seal and continuity of thermal insulation throughout changes in plane and direction are hallmarks of Seismic Colorseal. The product’s ability to maintain watertightness when installed at inside corners, and while handling curves and direction changes further sets it apart from rubber-and-rail strip seals. Seismic Colorseal is positively secured without invasive anchors while color-switching makes the product aesthetically versatile.

Seismic Colorseal was developed to restore the function of the building envelope where it is breached by the location of a movement joint. As a result, the performance tests required to certify curtainwall and other building envelope systems are the basis of performance of Seismic Colorseal as well. Seismic Colorseal has been tested to and exceeds the requirements of performance tests including: for Water Penetration: ASTM E-331; Wind Loading: ASTM E330; Air permeability: ASTM E283-04; Sound blocking: ASTM E90-09; R-Value: ASTM C518-04; Low-Emitting Material : CDPH/EHLB/Standard Method Version 1.2, 2017; as well as in-house Temperature Stability, Bleeding, Staining & Recovery testing to ensure performance under conditions modeling real life.