Emseal DSM-DS System

Manufacturer: Emseal
Product Type: Below Grade

Short Description

Dual-sided silicone bellows seals from both sides of joint

Quantity Needed

DSM-DS is a highly resilient, double silicone faced precompressed sealant that has proved over the years to be able to solve difficult joint sealing problems where other systems have failed or are not suitable. It is ideal for new installations as well as expansion joint repair or retrofit jobs. Locations such as waste water facilities, tunnel walls and ceilings, planter walls, and foundation floors and walls all benefit from its construction and performance.

The dual-sided silicone facing allows DSM-DS to be installed from the negative side while addressing moisture from the positive side as well as the negative side. DSM-DS is adhered to the substrate walls with an epoxy adhesive which combines with the foam’s backpressure to be held in place. Application-side, field-applied silicone sealant bands seal voids in the substrate and seal the edges of the bellows to the joint faces.