Carlisle CCW-705FR-A XLT

Manufacturer: Carlisle
Product Type: Non-Permeable Peel & Stick

Short Description

A low temp version of CCW 705 FR-A XLT Fire Resist 705FR-A XLT Air & Vapor Barrier


Quantity Needed

Fire Resist 705FR-A XLT Air & Vapor Barrier is a 40-mil-thick (0.040 inch) self-adhered sheet air and vapor barrier composite membrane consisting of a rubberized-asphalt adhesive laminated to fi re resistant aluminum foil/HDPE composite facer. Fire Resist 705FR-A XLT is manufactured with a highly-tacky adhesive formulated for installation between 15°F and 60°F, ambient and substrate temperature.

In addition to being tough and dimensionally stable, the facer provides heat reflectivity and fire resistance. Fire Resist 705FR-A XLT is provided in rolls of various widths lined with disposable silicone-coated release paper. The release paper is removed to expose the adhesive as the membrane is pressed in place. Fire Resist 705FR-A XLT provides a complete barrier to moisture and air when adhered to an above-grade substrate.

Cut sizes are also useful for other above-grade wall flashing applications. Fire Resist 705FR-A XLT is cold applied and will adhere firmly when pressed against the substrate.

Features and Benefits

  • Extra high tack adhesive enables easy cold weather installation
  • Fire-resistant composition permits use in many NFPA 285 wall assemblies
  • Toughness and 180-day UV resistance allows long exposure time and flexibility in schedule
  • Factory-controlled composition provides uniform coverage and instant rain resistance after installation
  • Self-adhering membrane provides easy, reliable installation
  • No spray equipment or mil-thickness measurements required