US Concrete Products Deck Pro 7101

Manufacturer: US Concrete Products
Product Type: Vertical Repair


Short Description

Deck Pro 7101 Repair Mortar is a cement based repair mortar with fibers

Quantity Needed

Deck Pro 7101 Repair Mortar is a shrinkage-compensated, fiber-reinforced, cement based
mortar. Deck Pro 7101 contains polymers and special additives which improve bond
strength and promote shinkage compensation. Deck Pro 7101 is specially designed for
structural repairs to concrete or masonry substrates and can be applied vertically or over
head by hand troweling or low pressure spray.

Use On:
Bridges, tunnels, elevated concrete slabs, parking decks, piers, roadways,
manholes and sewers

Fibers provide superior tensile and flexural strengths and reduced drying shrinkage
Use on horizontal, vertical or overhead repairs
Excellent finishing characteristics
Low permeability
High bond strengths