US Concrete Products Deck Mix PM

Manufacturer: US Concrete Products
Product Type: Horizontal Repair

Short Description

Deck Mix PM is single component, high slump, polymer modified concrete mix

Quantity Needed

Deck Mix PM is single component high slump, polymer modified concrete. Deck Mix PM features a dry polymer and special additives for easy placement, finishing, and increased bond strength. Dry polymer gives Deck Mix PM excellent bonding characteristics, durability and freeze thaw resistance. In addition, Deck Mix PM includes an integral corrosion inhibitor to protect the reinforcing steel. It’s easy to use, requiring only the addition of potable water at the jobsite.

Use On:
Tunnels, roads, balconies, parking decks, and elevated structures

Strip forms one day after placement
Single component eliminates the need for storage of liquid polymers = Requires only the addition of potable water
Excellent flexural compressive and bond strength
Normal set time with early and continued strength past 28 days
Excellent bond to concrete substrates