US Concrete Products US Thin Patch

Manufacturer: US Concrete Products
Product Type: Horizontal Repair

Short Description

Polymer modified repair mortar

Quantity Needed

US Thin Patch One Component Modified Repair Mortar Mix is a polymer modified Portland cement based repair mortar containing an integral corrosion inhibitor and dry polymer for added tensile, bond and flexural strengths. U.S. Thin Patch is ready to use, requiring only jobsite addition of potable water. Apply in thicknesses from 1/4” to 1/2”.

Use On:

Bridges, tunnels, balconies, parking decks, manholes, sewers, piers, bulkheads, elevated con- crete slabs and slabs on gradeAdvantages:Dry polymer provides high bond strength and durability = Excellent freeze thaw resistanceVery good finishing characteristicsLow permeabilityEconomical