Miracote MiraSEAL

Manufacturer: Miracote
Product Type: Below Grade

Short Description

MiraSEAL is a fluid-applied, single-component waterproofing membrane for vertical and horizontal applications.

Quantity Needed

MiraSEAL is a 100%-solids, fluid-applied, single-component, moisture reacted, elastomeric, coal-tar and solvent-free, modified polymer that cures to form a flexible, monolithic, waterproof membrane on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Due to the moisture-reactive and non-gassing properties of the membrane, it provides tenacious adhesion to concrete substrates above- and below-grade, preventing lateral water migration, even with moisture present in the concrete. The inherent toughness and resilience of MiraSEAL enables it to bridge structural or shrinkage cracks that may develop in the substrate.

MiraSEAL can be applied wet on wet in a horizontal application resulting in reduced installation time. MiraSEAL is available in a single viscosity for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Typical applications are between structural slab and wearing course on parking garages, plaza decks, balconies, roof decks, terraces, mechanical equipment rooms, wetrooms, malls, kitchens and shower stalls. MiraSEAL is ideally suited for waterproofing on below-grade foundation walls, tunnels, planters and other areas where a seamless, elastomeric waterproofing is required. MiraSEAL may also be used as a sealant.