Pecora 800 Series – 804FC

Manufacturer: Pecora
Product Type: Traffic Deck Membrane

Short Description

Fast Curing, Low VOC, Low Odor, Field Tintable Deck Coating.

Quantity Needed

Pecora-Deck 800 FC is a fast cure, high- solids, low-VOC, very low odor, elastomeric, two-part cold applied liquid deck coating system, available in a variety of colors incorporating nonskid aggregates to enhance performance and durability with the following benefits:

Ability to produce virtually any color in the field through the use of Pecora’s universal color pack system and color matching services.

Fast-setting two-component reactive curing mechanism
VOC compliant
Lowodor,solvent free
Excellent, UV resistance
High adhesion, stress-relieving, crack bridging membrane
Resilient to expansion and contraction of substrates
Provides 100% contact, eliminating migratory water problems
Designed for demanding exterior and interior applications
804FC Intermediate/Non-UV TopCoat can be used in interior applications as a non-UV resistant top coat