Miracote Miraply-H with Seamlock Technology

Manufacturer: W. R. Meadows
Product Type: Blindside

Short Description

MiraPLY is a self-adhering dual-technology blindside waterproofing membrane

Quantity Needed

MiraPLY-H with SeamLOCK Technology is a nominal, 70-mil horizontal grade, self-adhering, blindside waterproofing membrane. The dual laminate membrane fuses a 45-mil thick, reinforced TPO sheet to a 25-mil butyl adhesive coating, combining two of the most time-tested waterproofing technologies used worldwide. With the addition of new SeamLOCK preprimed strips, MiraPLY-H is not only tough, durable and flexible, it is easy to install.

Features and Benefits

Durable – Pliable TPO layer has superior puncture resistance compared to HDPE, making MiraPLY the best system to meet the active demands of heavily traffi cked construction sites and uneven rocky substrates.

Tenacious Bond – Butyl Alloy adhesive creates a permanent, chemical bond with placed concrete to eliminate water migration between membrane and concrete, while ensuring protection against ground settlement beneath slabs.

Efficient Application

Light-weight, kick-out roll for fast installation less labor

Factory installed SeamLOCK pre-primed, peel-and go-strips eliminates primer for enhanced adhesion and easier side lap construction. Retains strong bond in both wet and dry, dusty site conditions.

Elastic properties make cutting membrane easy with fewer hand injuries


Fully bonds to concrete
Excellent resistance to most chemicals (i.e., acids and bases)
Effective Radon barrier
Bridges cracks in concrete

Typical Uses

Below elevator pits
Under slabs and footings
Below-grade structural slabs