DOWSIL 756 SMS Building Sealant

Manufacturer: DowSil
Product Type: Vertical Sealants

Short Description

A medium-modulus elastomeric sealant designed for weatherproofing sensitive porous stone and metal panel substrates

Quantity Needed

DOWSIL 756 SMS Building Sealant

Medium-modulus elastomeric sealant designed for weather-proofing sensitive porous stone and metal panel substrates. Its proprietary formulation produces a sleek finish, which reduces residue rundown or dirt pick up, substrate staining and adheres unprimed to porous and non-porous substrates.


DOWSIL 756 SMS Building Sealant is particularly effective for sealing expansion and control joints, metal panel joints, curtainwall joints, joints between natural stone, and perimeter seals around window frames. It forms a durable, flexible, watertight bond with most building materials.

DOWSIL 756 SMS Building Sealant is intended to be applied in new and remedial construction.


Cures to form a unique sleek, dry matte finish surface
Improved aesthetic performance reduces long-term residue rundown on metal panels and reflective glass or staining on porous substrates
Good working and tooling time
All-temperature gunnability from 29 to 50°C (-20 to 122°F), permitting application in all seasons
Medium modulus, high movement capability – can accommodate ± 50 percent movement in a properly designed joint
Unprimed adhesion to most glass, brick, granite and fluoropolymer painted substrates; primed adhesion to other common construction substrates, such as marble, limestone and concrete
Excellent weatherability non- reverting silicone durability
Compatible with open-cell polyurethane, closed-cell polyethylene and nongassing polyolefin backer rods