BASF MasterEmaco T 1061 & T 1061 DR

Manufacturer: BASF
Product Type: Horizontal Repair

Short Description

Regular and dust reduced rapid-setting cement-based concrete repair mortar with extended working time

Quantity Needed

MasterEmaco T 1061 is a one-component, shrinkage-compensated, cement-based mortar with an extended working time. It is designed for repairing horizontal concrete surfaces.
MasterEmaco T 1061DR is a reduced dust version available separately.

Extended working time
Extra low permeability helps minimize
chloride intrusion
Rapid-setting for quick turn-around repairs
Low residual moisture, can be coated in as little
as 6 hours
Excellent resistance to freeze/thaw cycling
Shrinkage compensated, minimizing cracking from
drying shrinkage, reducing stress at the bond line
Can be placed neat up to 2″” (50 mm) thickness
Can be extended up to 100% by weight,
providing higher yields
Proprietary cement blend bonds to carbonated
and noncarbonated concrete substrates

Interior and exterior
Horizontal surfaces
Applications requiring high early-strength gain
Structural concrete repairs
Partial and full-depth repairs