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Prime Resins is a manufacturer of solutions infrastructure repair solutions -- including concrete repair and warehouse floor stabilization materials.

Equal Parts Art & Science - Polyurethane and acrylate grouts, epoxy injection resins and polyurea coatings from Prime Resins are optimally formulated to stop leaks, lift slabs, stabilize soils, fill voids, and protect concrete structures.

While producing these infrastructure repair solutions is a science, applying them is an art.

Choosing the appropriate chemical grout and using the correct application technique are equally important in achieving desired results. Prime Resins has 35 years experience helping customers with these decisions. If you need to stop leaks, lift slabs, stabilize soils or repair seawalls, we’ve got a solution. We offer chemicals for crack injection, curtain grouting, probe grouting, soil stabilization, floor repair, secondary containment or slab lifting.

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