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Looking for solutions to bonding and assembly challenges? Across industries, applications, and substrates, 3M offers a wide range of bonding products that can improve product design and make assembly processes more efficient.

For over 100 years, 3M has designed solutions specifically for the metalworking, glass and glazing industry. Their industrial strength adhesive products are industry tested and trusted.

Their bonding tapes are known throughout the world as they have been a part of some of the most recognizable architectural buildings from the Burj Khalifa to Disney Symphony Hall.

Their industrial abrasives are built to withstand grinding on the toughest metal substrates, deliver fine finishes and get you through all the stages in between.

In addition, 3M personal protective equipment (PPE) products are available to help ensure that your people are well protected during every step of the metalworking process, whether they are grinding, finishing or just crossing the factory floor.

When combined with our selection of industrial adhesives and tapes, you and your team will be prepared for whatever challenge comes your way when you choose 3M products.

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