US Concrete Products US Thin Patch VO

Manufacturer: US Concrete Products
Product Type: Vertical Repair

Short Description

Vertical and overhead polymer modified repair mortar

Quantity Needed

US Thin Patch V/O is a modified Portland cement based Repair Mortar Mix, containing an integral corrosion inhibitor and dry polymer for added tensile, bond and flexural strengths.

US Thin Patch V/O is ready to use, requiring only jobsite addition of potable water. Apply in thicknesses from 1/4” to 2” per lift.

Use on:

Bridges, tunnels, balconies, parking decks, manholes, sewers, piers, bulkheads, elevated concrete slabs and slabs on grade

Specially formulated for vertical and overhead repairs = Dry polymer provides high bond strength and durability = Excellent freeze thaw resistance
Very good finishing characteristics
Low permeability