Saint-Gobain v740 Closed-Cell, Polyvinyl Chloride Foam Tape

Manufacturer: Saint-Gobain
Product Type: Spacer Tapes & Glazing Tapes

Short Description

Medium Density, Multipurpose PVC Foam

Quantity Needed

NORSEAL® V740 is a closed-cell polyvinyl chloride foam sealant with pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side designed to provide an economical solution to seal against light, air and moisture. Because NORSEAL has been specially formulated to provide superior performance with a reduced density foam, it is ideal for applications such as appliance seals, wall panels, die-cut gaskets, and window and door weather-stripping.

NORSEAL V740 Series is specially designed to provide the following features:
Multipurpose medium density foam offers an economical alternative to caulks and other sealants
Conforms to curved and irregular shapes
Resistant to weather, fungi and oxidation
Flexible at low temperatures
Dimensionally stable

Available Sizes
Standard thickness: .062, .125, .188, .25 and .375 in. (1.6, 3.2, 4.8, 6.4 and 9.5 mm)
Foam comes in Black and Gray.

Standard Sizes:

Single Sided Self Wound Tape – Available in Black and Gray with White Paper Liner

v742 – .062 or 1/16 Thick Tape With Adhesive on 1 side
v744 – .125 or 1/8 Thick Tape With Adhesive on 1 side
v746 – .187 or 3/16 Thick Tape With Adhesive on 1 side
v748 – .25 or 1/4 Thick Tape With Adhesive on 1 side
v7412– .375 or 3/8 Thick Tape With Adhesive on 1 side