Metzger McGuire Armor-Hard Extreme Concrete Repair

Manufacturer: Metzger McGuire
Product Type: Slab Repair

Short Description

Fast Setting Epoxy for Repairing Cracks and other Surface Defects

Quantity Needed

Armor-Hard Extreme is a 100% solids, two component fast set structural epoxy/epoxy mortar kit intended for use in the structural repair or joints, cracks and other surface defects in industrial concrete floors. Armor-Hard Extreme’s fast set chemistry allows for return to service in as little as 2 hours and allows for installation in temperatures as low as 20ºF (-7ºC).

Kit includes a specially engineered aggregate blend designed for easy troweling/finishing.

Typical Use

  • As a mortar Large spall repair/rebuilding of joint shoulders
  • As a topping for delaminated slabs Fill in holes, potholes, gouges, ruts, popouts
  • As a liquid