Carlisle Fire Resist Barritech VP

Manufacturer: Carlisle
Product Type: Liquid Permeable

Short Description

Fire Resist Barritech VP is a fluid-applied vapor-permeable air barrier made of naturally fire-resistant materials.

Quantity Needed

Barritech VP is a fluid-applied membrane made from inherently fireresistant materials. Barritech VP is applied to exterior wall assemblies where it functions as an air barrier and a water-resistive barrier. Barritech VP may be installed down to 20°F.

Barritech VP is vapor-permeable — moisture vapor can diffuse directly through the membrane. Barritech VP can be applied over concrete block, concrete, exterior gypsum sheathing, plywood, OSB and many other common building materials. The product is fully adhered to the substrate, flexible and rubber-like. Barritech VP is a single component, air-drying product applied by spray or roller at nominal 0.040″” (40 mils) dry film thickness. The high film thickness and flexible, elastic properties enable Barritech VP to bridge cracks and seal around penetrations, which creates a truly continuous, monolithic air and water barrier.

Features and Benefits

  • Fire-retardant chemistry permits use in many wall assemblies requiring NFPA 285
  • Dries to a distinctive blue color for easy identification (lighter blue color when wet)
  • 180-day UV resistance and ability to install below freezing allows flexibility in schedule
  • Vapor-permeable feature permits use in wall assemblies where a vapor barrier is not needed
  • Low VOC, low-emitting product – contributes to safety during installation and contributes to LEED v4 credit EQ Low Emitting Materials
  • Easy, water clean-up of tools & equipment reduces harmful chemicals on the jobsite
  • Spray-through standard, one-part equipment provides a simple and quick installation
  • Monolithic coverage and self-sealing properties around fasteners enable an air and watertight installation
  • Non-asphalt composition permits contact with many window and joint sealants
    • Barritech VP is a warranted air/vapor barrier system from Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing”