Conpro Lastic

Manufacturer: Conproco
Product Type: Wall Coatings

Short Description

Roller, spray or brush applied, waterproof, elastomeric, crack bridging, anti-carbonation membrane.

Quantity Needed

Roller, spray or brush applied, waterproof, elastomeric,crack bridging, anti-carbonation membrane.


Protect vertical concrete, block, brick, stucco and EIFS from water and contaminant entry. Will bridge minor cracking.

Performance Characteristics

  • Flexible – Retains elasticity at low temperatures.
  • Waterproof – Two 15 mils. wet coats provide waterproof membrane.
  • Anti-carbonation – Mitigates carbonation of concrete.
  • Breathability – Water vapor permeable.
  • Alkaline stable – Formulated for highly alkaline substrates.
  • Durable – UV stable.
  • Mildew resistant.
  • Colorfast – Premium quality exterior grade pigments, minimize fading.
  • Textures – Available in sanded and smooth finishes.
  • Extensive color spectrum – 38 standard colors and custom matching