Emseal Colorseal/Seismic Colorseal-DS

Manufacturer: Emseal
Product Type: Exterior Wall

Short Description

Multi-faced, silicone-coated, precompressed, primary seal seals both sides of substrate

Quantity Needed

A curtainwall expansion joint, Seismic Colorseal-DS is a multi-faced, silicone-coated, precompressed, primary seal in structural, high-movement, joints in virtually any substrate. It is ideal for  curtainwall and other shallow substrates where sealing or finishing of both sides of the structure is desired. A hydrophobic-acrylic-impregnated foam sealant, factory pre-coated with high-grade silicone, the product is watertight, odorless, clean handling, UV stable, non-staining, low temperature flexible, and high-temperature stable.

Seismic Colorseal-DS is a unique, highly innovative, customized variation of EMSEAL’s acclaimed Seismic Colorseal material. It ensures watertightness in vertical and horizontal structural, seismic, and abutment joints in walls of precast concrete, brick, curtain-wall, stone, and virtually any other substrate.

Seismic Colorseal-DS provides considerable sound attenuation as a joint filler in interior demising walls,  partitions or in sound studios, performance halls, broadcast booths, etc.  A concrete wall with an expansion joint through it can be restored to the virtually the same sound transmission coefficient as the solid wall without a joint.