BASF MasterSeal Traffic 2500

Product Type: Traffic Deck Membrane

Short Description

High-solids polyurethane waterproofing, traffic bearing membrane systems for vehicular and pedestrian areas

Quantity Needed

MasterSeal Traffic 2500 is a high-solids, fluid-applied polyurethane waterproofing system. MasterSeal Traffic 2500 uses a fast-setting two-component reactive curing mechanism.  It has a very low odor and is VOC compliant.

MasterSeal Traffic 2500 is composed of:

MasterSeal P 255—a two-component polyurethane-based adhesive primer.
MasterSeal M 265—a two-component fast-curing polyurethane base coat with outstanding mechanical properties, including excellent elongation.
MasterSeal TC 275—a two-component fast-curing aromatic polyurethane topcoat with outstanding mechanical properties, including high tensile strength and excellent tear and abrasion resistance.
MasterSeal TC 295 (exterior applications) – a high performance, two-component aliphatic, high solids urethane waterproofing membrane designed as a topcoat for the MasterSeal Traffic 2500.

Recommended uses:

Vehicular traffic solutions
Pedestrian traffic solutions

What are the unique features of MasterSeal Traffic 2500?

Seamless waterproof membrane helps protects concrete from freeze/thaw damage; protects occupied below below from water damage; and has no seams that may result in leaks
Excellent chemical resistance to protect against common parking deck chemicals including gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, alcohol, ethylene glycol, de-icing salt, bleach and cleaning agents

How does MasterSeal Traffic 2500 benefit contractors?

Two-component system provides faster setting times, even in cooler climates, to help reduce facility downtime
Low odor/high solids allow MasterSeal Traffic 2500 to be used over or near inhabited structures; Non-flammable and solvent-free
Excellent chloride resistance to protect against chloride intrusion, extending the life of reinforcing steel
Skid resistant for increased safety; offers excellent durability and superior abrasion resistance