BASF MasterSeal NP 2

Manufacturer: BASF
Product Type: Vertical Sealants

Short Description

Multi-component high performance polyurethane sealant

Quantity Needed

MasterSeal NP 2 is a multi-component, highly flexible, non-priming, high performance polyurethane sealant. It has been successfully tested for joint movement of 50%. It can be tinted to multiple colors.

Recommended uses:

Interior and exterior
Above and below grade
Immersed in water
Expansion joints
Panel walls
Precast units
Aluminum and wood window frames
Vinyl siding
Store front assemblies
Parking structures

What are the unique features of MasterSeal NP 2?

Wide temperature application range makes MasterSeal NP 2 suitable for all climates
UL listed; Passes 4–hour, 4–inch, fire and hose stream test when used with Ultra Block or mineral wool
Suitable for water immersion with documented performance in wet areas
Bulk packaging results in less waste
Formulated to withstand pedestrian and vehicular traffic

What are the benefits of MasterSeal NP 2?

Joint movement capability 50% provides excellent flexibility for keeping moving joints weather tight
Weather resistant for long-lasting weather tight seals
Easy to gun and tool to speed up application and make neater joints
No primer required for most construction materials, lowering installation costs
Chemical cure allows for faster turnaround time
Long pot life provides extended working time