BASF MasterSeal AWB 665

Manufacturer: Master Builders Solutions
Product Type: Liquid Permeable

Short Description

MasterSeal AWB 665: Vapor permeable, air/water-resistive barrier

Quantity Needed

MasterSeal AWB 665 is a one component fluid-applied vapor permeable air/ water-resistive barrier based on Silica Fortified Rubber chemistry.

  • This resilient water-resistant coating may be roller-, brush-, spray-applied or jet rolled directly to approved wall substrates.
  • It provides excellent secondary moisture protection to most wall claddings. MasterSeal AWB 665 complies with the air barrier impermeability requirements of the Massachusetts Energy Code
Limitation: MasterSeal AWB 665 should not be used for below grade applications or on surfaces subject to water immersion.MasterSeal AWB 665 provides excellent secondary moisture protection behind many wall claddings including brick, siding, metal panels, EIFS and stucco. (A slip-sheet is required for stucco claddings.)

What are the unique features and benefits of MasterSeal AWB 665?

  • MasterSeal AWB 665 qualifies as both an air/water-resistive barrier and flexible flashing material because it meets ASTM E2357, ICC-ES AC212 and ICC-ES AC148 requirements
  • As a liquid-applied, continuous membrane it eliminates seams, lap joints and staples; transmits wind load directly to the substrate
  • Silica Fortified Rubber technology offers strength, durability and self-sealing properties and require you to apply less material to achieve effective functioning
  • Can be applied at temperature at low as -4 °C (25 °F) when MasterSeal AWB 960 AC is added
  • Applicator friendly, quick applying and fast drying; it can be spray-, roller-, or brush-applied at low wet-film thickness
  • Its textured surface allows sealants, adhesives and spray polyurethane foam to firmly bond to MasterSeal AWB 665