Albion Cones

Manufacturer: Albion
Product Type: Caulking Guns & Accessories

Short Description

Cones for use in Sausage & Bulk Guns

Quantity Needed

B-Line Black Cone Nozzle

Durable HDPE plastic is wear resistant.  Won’t split or crack.
Cut to size with utility knife
Fits all B-Line sausage guns B12S20, B26S20, etc. with black plastic ring cap #873-5

Orange Cone Nozzle

Classic Albion caulk gun cone nozzle for 2″” diameter Special Deluxe guns (DL-45, DL-59, etc.)
Tough enough to use against brick or concrete.  HDPE plastic won’t scratch glass or metal.
Cut to any size opening from 1/8″” to 1-3/4″” with utility knife
Use with #421-G01 ring cap (front cap)
For tight or difficult applications consider using Bent Cone Nozzle 935-3 instead

Bent Cone Nozzle for Albion Professional Guns

Bent at 45 degree angle
Gives you additional reach and the ability to get around corners
7″” long: 1.5″” straight then 5.5″” additional after 45 degree bend
Reduces strain by eliminating the need to hold dispensing guns at uncomfortable angles
Fits all 2″” diameter barrel Albion professional bulk and sausage guns, such as the DL-45 and DL-59 series
Trim with a utility knife to desired size and shape opening
Use with 421-G01 Ring Cap and Beadscope 360 Nozzle 1083-G01