Henry Air-Bloc 33MR

Manufacturer: Henry
Product Type: Liquid Permeable

Short Description

UV-Resistant, Vapor Permeable Air and Weather Barrier Membrane

Quantity Needed

Henry Air-Bloc 33MR is a UV-resistant, one-component, elastomeric membrane that provides an air barrier on a range of construction surfaces. Liquid-applied with a trowel or spray, Air-Bloc 33MR cures to a tough, monolithic rubber-like membrane that resists air leakage along with UV radiation and weather.

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless, UV-resistant elastomeric membrane bridges cracks
  • Adheres to most construction surfaces, including block, concrete, stone, wood and metal
  • Can be applied to damp concrete
  • Contains no organic solvents
  • Integral mold resistant formulation as per ASTM D5990