BASF MasterSeal Traffic 1500

Manufacturer: Master Builders Solutions
Product Type: Pedestrian Deck Membrane

Short Description

Polyurethane waterproofing, traffic-bearing membrane systems for vehicular and pedestrian areas

Quantity Needed

MasterSeal Traffic 1500 waterproofing systems are composed of:
– MasterSeal M 200, a one-component, moisture-curing polyurethane.
– MasterSeal TC 225, a one-component aliphatic moisture-curing polyurethane.
– MasterSeal TC 225 Tint Base

Note: MasterSeal TC 225 Tint Base is intended for pedestrian use only and are not suitable for
vehicular traffic.
For projects requiring primer, two choices are available:
–MasterSeal P 222, a one-component solvent-based primer and sealer,
–MasterSeal P 220, a two-component waterborne epoxy primer and sealer

Primer coat not typically required which helps to reduce labor and material costs
Waterproof which helps to protect concrete from freeze/thaw damage; protects occupied areas below from water damage
Excellent chloride resistance provides protection against chloride intrusion; extends the life of reinforcing steel
Seamless elastomeric membrane offers excellent durability and superior abrasion resistance, has no seams that may result in leaks
Provides skid resistance to increase safety and offers excellent durability and superior abrasion resistance
Multiple systems available, making MasterSeal Traffic 1500 ideal for various vehicular or pedestrian traffic solutions
Repairable and recoatable to extend the useful life of the system
Four standard colors: gray, charcoal gray, tan and dark tan
For TC 225 Tint Base: 40 standard colors utilizing MasterSeal 900 color packs (Pedestrian use only