CCW 705 - TWF

CCW 705 - TWF is designed to provide moisture protection in cavity wall construction. its self adhesive nature allows easy installation on concrete, masonry, gypsum, steel, and wood substrates.  A silicone release liner prevents the material from sticking together in the roll, and is easily removed for installation.  CCW_707-TWF is available in convenient widths 12", 18", 24", and 36".  The factory controlled quality ensures uniform thickness on the job, while the inherent waterproofing properties of the rubberized asphalt membrane provide an excellent water barrier.  The heavy polyethylene film is resistant to cut and tears.



  • Provides a waterproof barrier at flashing area to prevent wall assembly leaks
  • the membrane is fully adhered to the substrate to prevent moisture migration behind the flashing
  • The rubberized asphalt seals around fastener penetrations through the membrane
  • Detailing is easy to install, inspect and repair


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