Carlisle CCW Barricoat (Spray)

Barricoat-S is a water-based asphalt emulsion modified with a blend of synthetic polymers and special additives. Barricoat-S is dispensed in tandem with Barricure, a non-corrosive, chloride-free deliquescent salt solution. Barricoat-S and Barricure are applied through specialized co-spray equipment, which is provided by others and approved by CCW. During spray, Barricoat-S rapidly becomes firm, tack free and water resistant. Product air dries to its final cured state, which is a rubber like, fully adhered membrane. As a waterproofing and vapor barrier membrane for use in below-grade foundation wall assemblies, Barricoat-S is for use on primarily vertical surfaces and can be applied directly to concrete, concrete masonry, polystyrene foam insulation board and many other common building materials. Barricoat-S waterproofing and CCW MiraDRAIN drainage composite are combined for a complete, warranted foundation waterproofing system by CCW.



  • I-ast, semaless installation
  • Inexpensive, simple equipment
  • Effectively coats rough and porous surfaces
  • Safe, non flammable and low odor
  • seals around fasteners
  • Instant resistance to rain wash-off
  • Can be applied year-round
  • Can be applied to green concrete


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